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Dapsocial provides several free channels of viral video entertainment like our competitors. However, we also provide very current channels featuring up to the minute social media funny memes, sports fantasy leaderboards, and most important your businesses live social media content 24/7 in our industry innovative split screen format. Another very unique set of channels we provide are professional entertainment channels. Professional entertainers are filmed specifically for Dapsocial partnership tip channels

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Businesses can use their TV screens to display signage for your favorite items, deals and specials, or upcoming events and promotions. These channels and ads can link to Dapsocial providing your business with:

- Data about your typical customer for business planning.

- Lead collection to create an aggressive loyalty program.

- The ability to retarget your customers for Facebook and Google advertising for upcoming events and promotions

In addition to doing all the previous benefits, Dapsocial provides several revenues of passive income for yourbusiness. We like to consider ourselves “the side gig for your business”. One source of passive income for your business is the ability to allow advertising on your TV screens from other businesses and don’t let the network and cable companies make all the money using your TVs. Take control with Dapsocial provided advertisers that you approve and receive an aggressive profit share in the advertising revenue. Another source of passive income is merchandise sales. We provide your customers with the ability to purchase merchandise such as t-shirts and hoodies featuring your business, brand, event, neighborhood, or city. We do all of this with no action from you, customers scan a QR code for the merchandise on your TVs, size and pay for it online, and it is shipped directly to their home easier than an Amazon shipment. One of Dapsocial most innovative sources of passive income comes through our professional entertainer channels. These channels allow patrons of your business to tip entertainers featured on your televisions that they really enjoy through a QR code tipping. The entertainers get the vast majority of the tips but your business gets a portion for providing the opportunity for the entertainers additional income. Dapsocial is also working on additional passive income opportunities for future releases and updates.

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